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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 15:59

Tyb Erzurum Branch President ispirli from Rampart's Walk'Thank Message

Tyb Erzurum Branch President ispirli from Rampart's Walk'Thank Message
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Writers Union of Turkey ( TYB ) Erzurum Branch President İspirli m.hanef the latter organized the \"March to the bastion \"for the organization Erzurum Governor Dr. Ahmet Altıparmak and \"Bastion on my Platform \"thanked n.

Erzurum news: Photo İspirli you said in the message ; \"Erzurum Governor's leadership in the Non-Governmental Organizations with the made ​​forts march our people very large attendance support was carried out in accordance with the spirit of the prior 137 years , has raised this organization Erzurum in a sense.
Women, men , young and old, of all the people of Erzurum child harness this walk a huge interest show , November 9, 1877 morning Azizia Tabyaları in was epic by ancestors of the soul rejoices .
Today we see once again and gladly we have observed that , Dadaşlar ; this land who homeland , she with can with home blood preserving their ancestors transferred to eternity , their grandmother has forgotten their grandmother and will not forget .
Today, we saw once again and we live in. the children of this nation , Aziziye climbing hand on the Koran , flag, its thousands of years with the prayer and the takbir in the mouth he was witness to the patriotism of consciousness . 7-year-old Zahra, 70-year-old Haji Ahmed , home Fatma Nine by standing with not even the beginning of vestment , the ergani with the same objective walked right by a lofty assault the city. the architect of this walk is manifested at the highest level of Photo Vatan consciousness our governor is particularly evocative of Erzurum and tens of thousands who contributed to the organization including each institution to Dr.Ahmet Altiparmak and thank you to all civil society organizations. we believe the Epic Photo Azizia can not be fully written yet . East of the Dardanelles , which Azizia his heart , especially writers in our body to write the saga of Bastion is the duty of the ancestors of all items for this country.
So late in an organization , 2.DEF on a voluntary basis with the realization twenty thousand dadasliz quite significant and one that is sublime.
we hope that you will now step Dear Governor Dr. Ahmet Altıparmak this date , you spread more true savior of this land for hundreds of years and never be forgotten . \"

Tyb Erzurum Branch President ispirli from Rampart's Walk'Thank Message" comments for.


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