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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:38

The resolution of the identity of Lost Life

The resolution of the identity of Lost Life
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Passing into the hands of identity fraudsters lost Erzurum bus assistant Kara Khalil did not come alone .

Erzurum news: Vehicle using the identity fraudsters trading on behalf of his land to 70 thousand traffic ticket and output tax liability . Driver's license issued in the name of changing the photo on the ID is lost Erzurum bus assistant Kara Khalil did not come alone . Received a large number of vehicles on land sold 70 thousand worth of output tax liability and penalties . While he is an assistant coach who lost his birth certificate that day after 35-year-old Kara Halil life decision. After many years on behalf of that last into the hands of identity fraudsters lose large amounts of land vehicle sales and output debt due to interest . The unfortunate man who fell into the research behind the event, remove the license on its behalf into the hands of identity fraudsters who learned that makes buying and selling vehicles . Karan was also indicted on charges of illegal fuel in Gaziantep and sell Mus . On behalf of the incoming debt and smuggling charges Faced Black , Erzurum has filed a criminal complaint to the Public Prosecutor.
\" postman stole my LIFE LIM TOP WAS \"< br/> birth certificate the following year 1.5 from losing in 1999 , indicating that knocked on the door to the postman Khalil Land , \"I lost my wallet population within the bus while co-driver on the bus. despite the absence in the announcement statement , cheat people of traffic from the hands of the birth certificate with license issued've learned with the registration penalties .. accumulated 11 separate traffic offense and released 70 thousand 630 Lira debt with the IRS tax debt of automobile sales. I was amazed at a time. He started to go through my life the courts ever since. I filed a criminal complaint to the residence I Tortum and Erzurum public prosecutor . these debts broke my psychology, how to pay the debt I accumulated so much. \"he said. Photo Enforcement investigating the incident after the follow Halil Land , on behalf stating that fake signatures with vehicle sales are made, \"65 DH 473, 65 DB 577, 34 TH 6024 , 34 UF 8302 and 33 SU 810 plate vehicles come with their own behalf in traffic fines that and stated that a criminal complaint together with their receipts. Black also they entered fraudsters Gaziantep and Muş illegal fuel business with Halil black name and said he opened proceedings on in here. signature samples of the unfortunate man in the appeal associated with these cases separately with signature fraudsters it appeared to be . Halil Black name to a total of 70 thousand to vehicles sold in the tax liability and traffic fines of 630 pounds that expresses interest tax liability bus driver Khalil Land , \"I won the money and 70 pounds per diem at a time right now every bus person. My population fraudsters related to vehicle sales made ​​by removing license plates on my wallet as soon as I'm waiting for his arrest . He began to take the court in my life since then. I believe that our justice will materialize . I hope this grievance is resolved , I will spendmy life in the house because fraudsters collateral for liabilities penalty . \"Those that find them from God.\"he said. Photo contested the FROM TAXES AND TRAFFIC FINES Photo Driver Kara Halil , appealed to the 11 separate penalty notices relating to taxes and traffic fines from its behalf. Call until the issue is the right to appeal to the Tax Court bulunarak related tax liabilities , he said.

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