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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:13

Regional Meeting of Higher Education Internationalization

Regional Meeting of Higher Education Internationalization
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Organized by the Department of Higher Education \"in Higher Education Internationalization Regional Meeting-II\", Ataturk University , hosted , Cultural Center was held in the Blue Hall .

Erzurum news: In his opening speech of the meeting Atatürk University Rector Photo Dr. Hikmet Kocak, gave information about the Ataturk University, primarily as a guest. Kocak, Ataturk University , the found position as of district services, and Turkey and the East as well , he said a university who pioneered in opening the Caucasus. Photo Regional Higher Education Internationalization Meeting is an important organization to host do with happiness as Kocak said that they heard the President ; \"Internationalization name today, we hosted the meeting. Each university has policies according to their own particular rescued from local , avoid being localized, both universities are living in an era which is very importance for the whole country .
Turkey's informatics to develop the potential of its own behalf and on behalf of this potential friend and brother to transfer to universities, reminding that they are involved in several organizations Kocak, \"on behalf of international students , we must always be a student sending country. Middle East and Arab world, significant resources at this point. West for education and training, America , on behalf of those who prefer to turn to Turkey the direction I want to say that European responsibility falls to us too . While living in a world where there are no geographical boundaries , the need to increase the students also preferable criteria you chose us. So this panel to us will be very very helpful and will further our horizons , \"he said . The Photo HEC Executive Board Member Prof. Dr. Stopped Gunay in recent years of the Turkish Higher Education system in addition to the physical infrastructure expansion , west of the brand quality science that transfer to universities that people with strengthen the science supply became due to a remarkable center of attraction , said that we realize our lot but that is most noticeable abroad.
Prof. Dr. Gunay , the number in the spread of this identity perception rapidly increasing foreign students an important role There tribe . Turkish universities are turning and Turkey's natural cultural ambassadors also won the identity of the more qualified scientists along with international demand draws to Turkey. the world is known to currently 4.5 million students studying outside their home country . around 55 thousand foreigners in Turkey citizen's students. There are 15 thousand students in my the open education. this is 55 thousand of students , 80 percent of public universities , 20 percent are studying in the universities.
on the other hand, Turkey is sending 85 thousand students abroad, most students abroad in the world 6. The country stands out as the sender . Turkish universities in particular are preferred by students from the Turkish Republic . Moreover, the Balkans , and is preferred by African countries. A large number of international students who choose to study in Turkey, Turkey's language, history and comes from close to the geography vision of the country , \"he said . After the
opening speech Atatürk University Rector Prof. Dr. Hikmet Kocak, HEC Executive Board Member Prof . Dr. Stopped Günay has the gift plaque with Atatürk University emblem . Photo was passed in the meeting of the first session, which consists of three sessions and session chairman HEC Executive Board Member Prof. Dr. was Stopped Gunay . from the Labor and Social Security Ministry Lokman Lokmacı , < strong> No International Relations Department Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sedat Silver and Migration Directorate General in charge of Administration Başay Ali Can , held its first session of the meeting.

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