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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:15

Protect your liver with apples !

Protect your liver with apples !
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Conducting research related to obesity , Dr.

Erzurum news: Fevzi Özgönül has indicated that it is useful to apples of the liver. Photo Özgönül , \"The liver is one of the biggest organs , absorption of vitamins with food and minerals , there are vital tasks such as cleaning of harmful substances in the body . \"'He said. Photo Regular alcohol use and excessive consumption of fatty liver fatty foods , such as expressing hepatitis and cirrhosis can lead to liver disease, Dr. Fevzi Özgönül , \"Liver health first step , the food consumed should be a balanced diet program that are carefully selected. The correct foods liver cleanses with antioxidant effects and protects. So what are these foods ? Garlic:toxins , activates liver enzymes promotes excretion from the body . The sulfur-based substance provides liver detoxification with allicin content is . Kumiss Beet and Carrot:There are also beta-carotene in both and allows the recovery of liver function. are involved in the cleanup of heavy metals from Beet body. Apple:Yuke contains fiber and support the elimination of toxins in the digestive system makes it easier for the olur.böyle by the liver. Broccoli and Cauliflower:the sulfur content and provides a powerful detoxifying and glucosinolates supports the liver in ansroj substances and toxin removal process with the content. Artichoke:assists the destekler.karacig cell repair enzyme production and prevents lubrication . Turmeric:offends liver facilitates the digestion of fats . Ginger:Sagtroenterologyn study published in the Journal of World in 2011 , which is protective against liver oil and ginger cured meat that has emerged . Dark green leafy vegetables:spinach , arugula , watercress, environmental toxins accumulated in the body, dark leafy vegetables such as chard thanks to its high chlorophyll content has absorption properties . Likewise against heavy metals or chemicals which supports the liver. \"

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