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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 08:33

Excess Abdominal Fat waist can ache !

Excess Abdominal Fat waist can ache !
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Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Op

Erzurum news: Aysegul sharp, the excess oil and skin sagging in the abdominal region while restricting the movement of people at the same time said could create pain in the lumbar region . Photo Op Aysegul said in a statement about the sharp subject , \"Aesthetic called when the mind of most people only come to the surgery performed for a better view. Yet today on the basis of aesthetic surgery is no longer just the aesthetic beauty concerns lie that görüyoruz.estetik sense some existing body deformations often daily quality of life adverse effects. cosmetic surgery to eliminate these negative effects can say now received a necessity of you.''he said . the main purpose of the Photo aesthetic surgery , aesthetic defects and stands out as to eliminate the health problems that can develop accordingly. eliminating core flaws of People on trust are positive effects leaving the aesthetic operations , but also Aysegul stated that also improve quality of life sharp says the following on the subject:''for example , excess adiposity in the abdominal region , while restricting the movement of the sag of the person skin can also create pain in the lumbar region . tummy tuck or regional adiposity after liposuction operations for the issue moves people can become more comfortable . This operation with a proportional body, the inability to find suitable clothes the person who also disappeared with .''He said . Photo dr.ayşegül sharp,''In one study constitutes the outward appearance of a person n 80-90% of first impression on people. The first one we see is new in our prejudices about 30 seconds. Your makeup , your eyes , your perspective, your hair style , your clothing style arched nose that affect them. Beautiful women and men in research careers are found to be more successful in life .''He said. Photo Aysegul sharp as the last ;''General about the psychological trauma that have been created in the image of the person \"is not at peace at peace with non-body contact with the city\"can say. So many activities in the social life of people in the abstract itself may also create a psychological breakdown. Thus aesthetic surgical interventions will increase the participation of people's social life.''He said .

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