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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 10:56

Discussed in Şehirder Dombra

Discussed in Şehirder Dombra
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Urban and Cultural Studies Association \"City and Civilization Conversations\"event covered by the association's office-culture of young researchers in the first program in his cage Semih Silk entertained.

Erzurum news: Semih ancient Silk songs burned on behalf of Turkish saz \"Dombra \"he told y . Dombıra Silk said from time to time with the songs , especially popular part of the recent \"Dombra \"drew great attention by program participants say y . Semih Silk , summarizes the information provided about the Dombra as follows:Photo Dombra our national Sazi that has survived from ancient Turkey . Dombra has known about the history of 6,000 years of history . And this ancient instrument of the old Turkish traditions have enthroned kavilikl to continue the Kazakh Turks, proudly to this day , and Dombra playing dombıra people showed a lot of respect . Kazakh Turks, today the former , because of the respect for elders dombra « father » , « Ata » they say. We see this tradition today in Turkey. Due to the respect for elders is called the father still in love. Photo Kazakh Turks give to the person who stole the Dombra various names . The main ones ; dombıraş of:dombra player , küyş of:Küyc of AAbout:Hafiz ; teacher , flocking:Poets ; poet , release:Located in the entertainment people series:the same meaning as Sal, jırav:Türkücü , ANSI:Sayings said person .
every home has Dombra in Kazakhstan. Even former Kazakh Turks Dombra play Ramayana girl even though they do not . It is noteworthy in this regard a Kazakh Turkish proverb:\"Nağız Kazakh , Kazakh emes . Nağız Sweater, Dombra . \"If we were to translate the standard Turkey Turkish \"real Kazakh , Kazakh not . Real Sweater, Dombra . \"Dombra , dish in which the voices of all Turkish people are having a spiritual values ​​century thatched hides in the curtains . The side of the people who died in the old Turkish lute , that the ancestor of all wire and string instruments belonging to the Turks , was being in issue. Because the deceased in the afterlife play the lute and ABIL after death even if you leave the lute . Again today , the Kazakh Turkey should rejoice in Dombra player must sad time . Photo Famous Turcologist Radloff has promised benefits that are being said about Dombra:\"Kazakh steppe is full of talented artists from each other. \"Today, a large part of the Dombra Asia , until the boiler from Mongolia, is played on a large area. Photo kopuz as we know it today Dombra instrument is again in Turkey. Because kopuz stringed instrument , while in Turkey the word meant , ancestral geography of our country usually in the spring Turkestan ( make kobız ) are used for thatch . A being of Origin strengthens the view that these two reeds is a . Photo Dombırayl related need Orhan Saik Gokyay prepared by Dede Korkut book , as well Bahaeddin Ögel's , Introduction to Turkish Culture and History of Turkish Folk Music Instruments ( the Ottomans from the Uighur State ) story in the book , There are legends. Also dombıra As known, the lute is also the inventor of the assign wise of the Turkish world , fear has ancestors. Photo Dombra usually made ​​from pine and Dombra when there are two types basically today:1) BATISTA ( WEST ) KAZAKHSTAN DOMBIRA of: the other name of the Jambul Dombıra Dombra wordless compositions are generally suitable for the feint of CAR given name . 2) BACK DOMBIRA :Kazakhstan's usually Dombra type used in the eastern region of the oral compositions are generally suitable for the feint . Another name is Abay is Dombırası . Some of the most important masters who take life in Dombra Photo Kazakh Steppe include ; Keter Buka , kojee , Kumangaz the Sağırbayul of Kazangap Tilepbergenul of Makhambet Ötemisul of Birju Sal Kulsan is , Esbay , Öskenbay , Buckles Şongmanul , the Seytek , in Moldavia , Captive , Süyinbay , Nurtug , the Dävletkerey Şığayul of Akanser , the Jayav Moses , Baluv the left, Madi , Jambul Jabayev , Turmağambet , Dina Nurpeyiskel the Sugar Âliul Photo Program in town at the end of ... the President Murat Ertas, Semih Erzurum silhouette Silk şehirder thank him for his presentation was a gift from wooden clocks.

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