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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:02

A Visit from the Governor Altıparmak Ergep

A Visit from the Governor Altıparmak Ergep
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Center Erzurum Development Platform in Istanbul ( ERGEP ) chairman and board members Erzurum Governor Dr.

Erzurum news: Ahmet Altiparmak's authority Visited .
Visiting ERGEP President Yavuzhan Ahıskalı , Executive Board member Ahmet sidewalk, Saker Impairments , John Branch and Muhammad Güllüce attended. The ERGEP President Photo Views Yavuzhan Ahıskalı , Erzurum Governor Altıparmak Development platform ( ERGEP ) gave information about their purpose. Erzurum Governorship second time this year carried out under the leadership of \"Erzurum Ancestor to Toddler \"crowded with a group President Ahıskalı indicating that they came from Istanbul to participate in the program , this major event stating their satisfaction due to witness Governor Altıparmak especially in reliving the new generation of that year and of being instrumental in introducing thanked for .
Governor's visit Altıparmak that delights them , especially coming from Istanbul said that giving testimony to this great event and ensuring ownership of them happy. This day is that one heart should be kept alive all year , unions and stating that it is very important that transferring to November 9 is the next generation in unity Governor Altiparmak, said that this event falls very important tasks for everyone to be permanent. Photo ERGEP president and his administration at the end of Views board members, Erzurum Governor Dr. 33 the sultan ahmet Altıparmak the table in front of a poster that shows a combination of the Blue Mosque as a gift.

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